Need a Private Lender?

 Then Look no further, I offer quality loans to experienced real estate investors. 

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Fix and flip houses now with Private Money - trusted lenders for experienced real estate investors. With Millions in loans and assets under management, Private Money is the go-to source for experienced real estate investors looking to fix and flip houses. I have access to a large pool of Private Lenders, so you can invest in properties quickly and easily.

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I just teamed up with some Private Money Lenders, with Millions to lender and want me to help him get it lent out. So, if you are currently on the market for funding, have any deals in the works that you need money for? Or, any free & clear assets that you'd maybe like to leverage with a cash-out refinance on? Then I'm the broker for you.

Mark Shreaves

Private Money Broker

I make it easy for you to get the money you need, & I always put your best interest first. So get started now by clicking below & and filling out the form to get your Pre-Loan Application.

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