About The Business


It's important to understand that  THE ASN PROFIT SHARING SYSTEM IS NOT one of those flimsy, all but worthless, cash back or click to earn systems that if lucky might pay you a penny a click...   In addition to so many additional profit streams, ASN is a unique full blown GUARANTEED PROFIT SHARING System that pays over 90% of all profits to all qualifying members!

ASN a Simple but Powerful Concept

No company provides more solutions to the needs of society (home loans, car loans, credit repair, mortgage negotiation, bankruptcy, nutritional information and products, insurance, prescription meds, personal loans,  tax assistance, fund raising assistance for charities, financial information and services, the largest selection     of gifts and merchandise available anywhere, a free guaranteed way for anyone to increase their income and life style... and  so much more!).  You earn from each of them...   By sharing free opportunity, by providing needed services... and best of all, by simply fulfilling your own personal needs by using your own personal site, Your Success is guaranteed!

ASN in a Nutshell-

The more you share, the more you Earn.

The more points you get the more you Make.

100 points always earns, at least, $100 to $500.

As of this date 2-7-12 it has ALWAYS earned over $200.

Market our many needed and affordable financial services for commissions of $1,500 or more.

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Now a Little About Me

My Name is Mark

Image of myself Mark Shreaves

I started ASN in Feb. 2009. At that time I was out on medical from my primary job (Emergency Medical Technician), I also working part  time at an Auto Parts Store and I owned and ran my own Mobile Auto Repair Business. I found ASN just searching around the web sounded like something that would be possible and not cost nadda, zip, zilch... well once I signed up I done what was suggested to make money within a hour. And, low and behold I did, OK, Honestly by the time I read through the members page and the the getting started page it ended up being a few hours, it was only $100 but hey it didn't cost me anything but an hour. However, I went back to work and didn't have any time to put into the business. And pretty much forgot all about ASN till just recently, and when I signed into my account I actually have money in it. It's only a few bucks but hey and it's been 13 years. And even though it's not a good excuse, work, family and physical health issues became priority, cause if I had just worked this business a few hours a week, which I could have, I would be making the kind of money I wanted. So now, here I am buckling down and getting it done starting July 25, 2022.

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