Mark Shreaves - Owner

Hello, My name is Mark & I'm a Digital Marketer

I create Kinetic (Text) Motion, Spokes Person and Voice Over Videos for Local Businesses to help promote there Brand. Plus help get your website ADA Compliant.

What I Do

I Create Local Video Marketing Videos & ADA Website Compliance Widgets

Spokes Person Videos

I create 5 different types of videos for Local Businesses...

* I have pre-scripted Live Person Videos that I just add your Business Info and can add your business image as background and logo. I can also edit text in video. However, I cannot edit what the spokesperson says.
* I have live person, 2D, and 3D animated spokespersons that can say whatever you want and in several different languages. And putting your Business Info, your business image as background and logo. I can also edit text in video. You provide Script to be spoken.
* And then there's the Kinetic(Words Only) Motion Video to include your Business Info, your business image as background and logo. I can use text already in video or you provide Script for Text.

ADA Website Compliance

What is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Simply put if you don’t make things accessible, then you are discriminating against those with disabilities.

Websites & Mobile Apps are now considered “places of public accommodation”. What this basically means is, if you have a website & there is any chance money is involved, you’re a potential target for a lawsuit.

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My Work

Below are a few of my videos

Kinetic Video Samples

Local Real Estate

Local Accountant

Custom Spokes Person Video Samples

These Video are produced using scripts that you write and can be in several different Languages

Custom Spokes Person Speaking English

Custom Spokes Person Speaking Spanish

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About Me

I started my Business in 2003 as C.J & A Services, at the time the main business was Mobile Auto Service & Repair, started as a mechanic in 1985. I am a Self Taught Laptop Repair Tech with over 12 year experience. Since the evalution of the computer I have been interested in how they work and trying to fix them, when not working. In 2000 I fixed my first Laptop after months of studying online and books I had purchased. I had been repairing computers for friends and relatives from about 2003 till around 2006 when I started Computer Repair as the second business for C.J & A Services. I continued to study and learn about computers during my down time at a job that I dearly Loved which was an E.M.T (Emergency Medical Technician). As the years went on started having knee issues. Then after a few knee surgeries, in Dec 2012 had to have my left knee replaced and then in Mar 2013 had right knee replaced and that put me out of EMS, On Jan 1, 2013 I was medically retired.  In June 2013 moved family to Williamsburg, Va. And I continue doing Computer Repair 16 years now, Video Marketing for last 5 years, and ADA Website Compliance 8 Months. Changed business name about 18 months ago to C.J & A Business Solutions.

Business Videos


Starting At

  • Kinetic Videos - Words Only $40
  • Voice Over Videos - $55
Spokes Person Videos


Starting At

  • Pre-Scripted Spokes Person Videos - $70
  • Personalized Spokes Person - $350
ADA Website Compliance Widget


Per Month

  • Features include:
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Instant Accessibility
  • Unlimited Pageviews
  • Custom Toolbar
  • Compliance Summary

Contact Me

With any Questions Concerning my work. DO NOT SEND ME OFFERS FOR PURCHASE OR JOINING OF ANY KIND. You will be reported for SPAMMING.

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